UNIO Family is Growing:
New UNIO A24S!

Anatolia Geneworks continues to utilise its high-quality R&D and production laboratories to minimise the workload of healthcare professionals and researchers. The new UNIO A24S Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Setup System is one of the latest devices developed for this purpose.  

Institutions working for public health, such as hospitals, research laboratories and food control laboratories, analyse and diagnose countless samples every day.

For analysis, genetic material must first be extracted from the samples. However, in these diagnostic laboratories, where a large number and variety of samples are received daily, rapid and error-free sample processing is of paramount importance

The preparation and analysis of samples take place in many different steps by experts. When treating hundreds of different samples one after another, human errors can occur at various steps. Human errors observed in a laboratory environment can occur in various steps; implementation of incorrect protocols when extracting DNA or RNA from samples, cross-contamination between samples, exceeding the time intervals due to the heavy workload in the laboratory, handling differences between specialists that can affect the results, errors in transferring sample data, and negligence in very sensitive and complex PCR setup. 

The UNIO family offers a mechanised and automated system, minimising the problems that can be frequently encountered in laboratory environments, reducing tedious and tiresome steps and ensuring that the results can be obtained quickly and error-free.

UNIO A24S Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Setup System is the newest fully automatic laboratory device, developed to fit diverse needs.

UNIO A24S uses the cartridge system pre-filled in a sterile environment to prevent contamination, which is a nightmare of laboratory environments. Utilizing its magnetic bead technology, the device performs DNA and RNA extraction from human biological samples without any need for pre-treatment, also able to set up PCR for up to 4 different thermal protocols. 

In addition, the device provides traceability from start to finish, preventing errors and saving time, via its barcode reader. 

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