UNIO A24S Extraction & PCR Setup System


UNIO A24S Extraction & PCR Setup System is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction and PCR setup instrument operating with silica-coated magnetic bead technology. All required extraction reagents and buffer solutions are available as ready-to-use cartridges filled by automation in a sterile environment. Other features of UNIO A24S include a liquid level detection sensor, cooler and heater module, UV lamps to reduce the risk of contamination, as well as an automatic loading system, pipette tip disposal feature for a smooth process. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a barcode reader to ensure full traceability and handling of samples throughout the process.

The UNIO A24S offers a high-end nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup that can safely perform multi-parameter analyses of up to 4 different thermal protocols simultaneously in just a few minutes of hands-on time, eliminating error-prone human actions.


Technical Details

Method Fully automated isolation with silica-coated magnetic beads

PCR setup with up to 4 different thermal protocols

Capacity 1-24 samples
Sample Volume   100/200/400/600 μl
Elution Volume     60/100/150/200 μl
Heating Block
Cooling Block
UV Light
Barcode Reader
Size and Weight    D: 660 x W: 920 x H: 920 mm – 180 kg

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