Our HR Policy

Valued people add value to work…” is the guiding principle of Anatolia Geneworks’ human resources philosophy.

Respect is the cornerstone of Anatolia Geneworks’ philosophy toward every element that includes people. The company cares about establishing respectful, sustainable, and permanent relationships with its team, target audience, and all stakeholders. High-quality goods that improve human health always have the consumer in mind.

The value placed on effort and respect for people are at the core of Anatolia Geneworks’ human resources philosophy. Activities of recruitment, evaluation, and training of employees are carried out diligently within the framework of these fundamental concepts. By adding new training and experiences in Anatolia to the employees’ existing learning and abilities, it is hoped to strengthen the competencies of the workforce and the working environment while also encouraging self-improvement.

The goal of Anatolia Geneworks’ human resources strategy is to assure team continuity while fostering a joyful, healthy, and safe work environment for its employees.

Anatolia management does not discriminate as a reputable business that abides by laws and ethical standards and gives importance to equality of opportunity and justice in human resources practices. This is because Anatolia Geneworks believe that contented people produce high-quality products.

The management of Anatolia Geneworks aims to ensure continuous improvement by pursuing its operations in compliance with national and international legislation on occupational health and safety, identifying hazards, identifying risks, and taking the necessary controls and precautions through risk management, providing ongoing training on OHS and risk management to employees and is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.