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The importance we attach to continuous development and improvement is the foundation of quality at Anatolia. For this reason, Anatolia is well aware of the importance of instilling quality awareness, customer orientation, process approach and risk-based thinking, training and performance evaluation activities, team development and process improvement. Anatolia’s products benefit human health and communities around the world. With products used in both medical laboratories and food laboratories, Anatolia provides access to the best technologies for people and society. Anatolia strives to prevent brain drain by paving the way for Genetics-Molecular Biology, Bioengineering graduates with limited job opportunities in their field to contribute to production in their country instead of going abroad.

People who will join the team; respect for people, competence, enthusiasm for work, openness to learning and development are sought. In addition to education, personality traits necessary for teamwork, such as communication skills, are evaluated. Since success can only be achieved through harmonious teamwork, team continuity is important for Anatolia.

Anatolia’s R&D and production strategies are also shaped with a focus on the development of human resources. The team is trained on ISO 9001, ISO 13485 quality standards and the Regulation on Extracorporeal Medical Diagnostic Devices and contributes to the implementation of these quality systems.

In 2021, Anatolia organized nearly 500 trainings for its employees, mainly on the quality management system, technical issues related to molecular genetics and engineering applications, legal requirements, occupational health and safety rules. The effectiveness of the trainings was measured and additional training requirements were identified. Monitoring training effectiveness is among the quality targets.

Anatolia cares about the motivation of its employees and creates a suitable working environment and options for pleasant working hours that are not monotonous. Employees can take advantage of the stylish terrace restaurant, where they can have an elective lunch, and the small kitchens on the floors, where they can use different coffee and tea alternatives throughout the day, and enjoy the snacks offered during break times. A large and comprehensive fitness center where employees can work out together, playgrounds for various activities, a well-equipped music stage, and relaxing relaxation areas on terraces, courtyards and floors create a workplace and social environment where employees enjoy spending time not only during working hours, but also before and after working hours.

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We know how difficult it can be to manage school and work at the same time. Together with us, you will shape the future, discover the secrets of the world of genetics and at the same time make a pleasant start to your professional life.