About Us

Anatolia Geneworks was founded in 2010 in Istanbul by partners with twenty years of experience in genetics, healthcare and sales.

Anatolia Geneworks is a biotechnology company operating by ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and 98/79/EC Total Quality Systems. The main activities of Anatolia are to develop and manufacture Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real-Time PCR) kits, and provide a complete recipe by offering automated nucleic acid isolation devices and Real-Time PCR Systems.

Anatolia Geneworks was founded in 2010 in Istanbul by partners with twenty years of experience in genetics, healthcare and sales. The main goals of the company are to reduce Türkiye’s foreign dependency on molecular diagnostics and biotechnology fields by developing and producing high-quality molecular genetic products and ultimately to gain prestige in the global market. 

Anatolia Geneworks

  • Anatolia has state-of-the-art Class 1000 PCR laboratories for the production and routine R&D projects.
  • The company designs and manufactures its own fully automated nucleic acid isolation and PCR setup robots and also has Real-Time PCR Instruments manufactured under its brand with OEM agreements.
  • Anatolia Geneworks carries on its activities with a total of 166 professional and specially trained staff.
  • The company has developed high-performance Real-Time PCR kits and created the ultra-sensitive Bosphore brand with CE markin in IVD conformity assessment.
  • Anatolia Geneworks’ R&D Center holds ten R&D/product development projects supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) and two projects supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) in Türkiye.

Globally Anatolia

In the domestic market, kits and systems produced by Anatolia Geneworks are currently used in more than 100 centers and new ones are being added to these centers while new ones are being added every day. Since 2011, Anatolia has been expanding its activities beyond the Turkish market, exporting most of its products to more than 70 countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Thailand, Jordan, the Philippines, Egypt, and Pakistan.

  • It has established six companies in Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, the Philippines, and Pakistan.
  • Anatolia Geneworks has developed more than 350 products. Thanks to the quality of the products, it takes pride in being the only Turkish company invited to participate in the multiple collaborative studies of the World Health Organization.

Prioritizing continuous development and improvement is the basis of Anatolia’s quality

Anatolia Geneworks participates national and international conventions, such as fairs, meetings, and conferences. It uses this opportunity to introduce its products many universities and health institutions worldwide, through demonstrations and workshops. Moreover, It is honored to be the only Turkish molecular genetic product manufacturer representing Türkiye at its stand every year at MEDICA (Düsseldorf), the largest medical fair in the world.