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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a worldwide health problem with the highest burden of disease in Asia, Pacific Islands and Sub-Saharan Africa. There are 2 billion people infected worldwide (one third of world’s population), and 400 million suffering from chronic HBV infection (90% of infants and up to 50% of young children infected with hepatitis B will develop chronic infections). HBV infections result in roughly 1 million deaths per year caused by HBV and its complications (HBV-related liver diseases).

It is estimated that HCV has a worldwide prevalence of 3% affecting around 180 million people with between 3 to 4 million new infections each year. The vast majority of infected people (70-90%) develop chronic infection. Though chronic infection may be asymptomatic, it is a leading cause of chronic liver diseases, including cirrhosis in between 20 to 50% of patients. Treatments may be effective in 10-50% of patients depending on the applied therapy.

Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) has an epidemiological distribution similar to HBV. It has been found worldwide with unequal distribution rates. There are around 10 million people infected with HDV around the world. It has mostly similar distribution patterns of HBV infection, but with different rates. There is a highest incidence HDV infection in Southern Italy, the Mediterranean region and in some parts of Africa and Asia. There is an average incidence of HDV infection in Turkey. 10% of the patients with HBV in the west and 15-25% of patients in the central and eastern regions have positive for anti-HDV.


Superior Sensitivity

Compatibility with Various Systems

Internal Control for Each Reaction

Expert Support


Technical Specifications

Thermal Protocol Single thermal protocol for all parameters
Sample Typing Serum and plasma
Shelf Life 18 Months
Channels FAM, HEX/VIC, Cy5
Shipping / Storage -80°C / -20°C

Hepatitis Kits

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