Unio 96 Extraction & PCR Setup System is an automated DNA/RNA isolation and PCR setup device.


Unio 96 Extraction & PCR Setup System is designed and developed for automated extraction of DNA/RNA from different sources including body fluids originating from different biological sample materials (serum, blood, plasma, nasopharyngeal swabs, oropharyngeal swabs).



  • Fully automated extraction system for 96 sample capacity with PCR setup.
  • High-quality DNA/RNA extraction from a wide variety of sample types.
  • Integrated UV unit for decontamination, barcode readers and compact size-excess elution storage with 96 well-plates.
  • Wireless data transfer, liquid level detection and smart monitoring with CO-RE® pipette tips.
  • Rapid methods for high-throughput applications.

Technical Details

Method Fully automated extraction with silica coated magnetic beads / rapid extraction method without
magnetic beads
Capacity 1-96 Sample
Sample Volume      200/400 µl
Elution Volume      80/150/200/400 µl
Efficiency Up to 10 µg/200µl
Heating Block Yes
UV Light Yes
Size and Weight      675mm x 145mm x 497mm – 135 kg
Run Time From 30 to 90 minutes

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