Sepsis and Drug Resistance Diagnosis in One Test!

Anatolia Geneworks continues to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing sepsis and selecting the most effective treatment method. Bosphore Sepsis Bundle Real-Time PCR kit, developed for clinical needs, offers fast, accurate and precise diagnosis from a whole blood sample. Thanks to its strong R&D experience, Anatolia aims to reduce the devastating outcomes of sepsis by screening antibiotic resistance.

Sepsis is defined as a rapid and catastrophic response of the body to infection. Early diagnosis of the symptoms of sepsis, which develops suddenly and requires urgent intervention, can prevent permanent damage to the patient. The condition can lead to serious consequences such as organ failure, gangrene and death. Fortunately, it can be treated with antibiotics. However, antibiotic resistance, which has an increasing incidence rate worldwide, limits treatment options.

Bosphore Sepsis Bundle Kit can detect 32 different pathogens, through Bosphore Sepsis Screening Kit, as well as 10 different antibiotic resistance with Bosphore ABR Screening Kit simultaneously in one test.

The rapid mutation of bacteria may be overlooked by conventional methods such as blood culture and newly developed antibiotic resistance may not be detected. Real-Time PCR method can be preferable over blood culture method in sepsis diagnosis where rapid action is vital. This gene-based molecular diagnostic method can diagnose many different pathogens at once, in just a few hours by quickly adapting to variable mutation structures.

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