R&D Studies for Vegan Detection Kit Completed

Nowadays, some people prefer vegan products instead of traditional meat and dairy products. There could be various reasons behind this choice, such as health, environmental, animal rights, ethical reasons and taste preference. The fast growth of vegan products has raised the demand for product groups to be used to manage and identify the composition of these items. In this context, ‘Bosphore Vegan Detection Kit v1′, developed by Anatolia Geneworks, aims to verify the content of veganlabelled products by detecting the animal components in them. 

Designed for the food industry, this kit aims to help food companies minimize the risk of animal contamination and provide consumers with reliable vegan products. The kit aims to fulfil these demands by integrating reliability, sensitivity and specificity. In this way, customers can be sure that the products they buy are truly vegan. 

In order for vegan products to be labelled vegan, they must not contain any animal residues. Vegan products, which are of great value in the sector, especially in the food industry, have the risk of animal contamination. This risk usually arises as a result of a mix-up in the production line.

It is important that animal residues can be detected before reaching the end consumer, both for consumer reliability and legal regulations.

Bosphore Vegan Detection Kit v1 provides highly sensitive identification from samples such as food, food additives including gelatine and protein powder, feed and feed additives. The kit’s target list is broad; it can readily identify any animal species, from molluscs to insects, fish, birds, and mammals. The kit can also identify moths, bees, silverfish, spiders, and other pests, making it a valuable tool for hygiene management. Because the kit can identify contaminants such as human blood, saliva, and epithelial tissue, it is important for the user to use gloves and a mask during application to prevent false positive findings. 

The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) recommends magnetic insulation instead of spin column insulation for heat-treated foods. Magnetic isolation is important to eliminate possible erroneous results in vegan products

Boshore Vegan Detection Kit v1 provides more accurate results when used with the Magrev Tissue Magnetic Isolation Kit, which is developed to minimize such problems and provide high-quality DNA isolation. 

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