Tropical Fever Panel


Tropical diseases are affecting a large number of people in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific, and the Americas.

Bosphore Tropical Fever Panel Kits detect and characterize DNA and RNA in human biological samples such as whole blood, plasma, serum, ocular fl­uids and urine.

Anatolia Geneworks Panel Kit Solutions provide multiplex detection of tropical pathogens simultaneously.


Single Tube Master Mix

Internal Control for Each Reaction

Flexible Packaging

Compatibility with Various Systems

Expert Support


Technical Specifications

Thermal Protocol Single thermal protocol for all parameters
Sample Types Whole blood, plasma, serum, ocular fluids and urine
Shelf Life 18 Months
Channels FAM, HEX/VIC, Texas Red/ROX, Cy5
Shipping / Storage 90, -20°C / -20°C

Tropical Panel Kits

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