Plant Species Detection Kits

Today, one of the biggest problems in the food industry is adulteration and the deterioration of the originality of food products. It is very difficult to detect the additives used in processed products without using advanced analysis methods.

Today, species identification is performed using anatomical separation of hair tissues, physical separation of adipose tissue, DNA hybridization, ELISA and PCR methods. However, many difficulties were encountered in the identification of species by immunological, morphological and electrophoretic methods, the species could not be determined or cases were encountered incorrectly. The fact that it can detect mixtures in processed and unprocessed products with an accuracy of up to 0.1% has made the Real-Time PCR method the most reliable method in this field. The PCR method, which is more sensitive, specific and fast, is accepted as the detection method of today and the future.


Ready to use

Internal control for each reaction

Inhibition resistant

Single brand for a complete solution

Multiplex option

LOD up to 5 genomic copies

Validated for food, feed, seed and additives


Technical Specifications

Thermal Protocol Single thermal protocol for all parameters
Sample Types Processed and unprocessed food, feed, seed samples
Shelf Life 18 Months
Channels FAM, HEX, Texas Red, Cy5
Shipping / Storage -90°C, -20°C / -20°C

Plant Species Detection Kits

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