Safety Instructions & IVDR IFU

When applying the molecular genetics laboratory techniques, we suggest you to take precautions for human health protection, maintaining the work safety and supplying the reliability of the test results:

  • Only authorized personnel, who have received the required technical training, should work in the laboratory. The personnel should be informed about occupational safety for the probable effects of their applications on human health and the precautions required through trainings, meetings and announcements.
  • The devices and the fields which may include harmful materials for personnel safety, should be marked, identified and separated from the other fields and the devices which do not entertain risk.
  • The laboratory personnel should be vaccinated against hepatitis B. The personnel who has an open wound, lesion, etc. is suggested to isolate the wound by sticking plaster or bandage and to wear double gloves before continue working.
  • Medical waste removal procedure should be applied to remove the waste occurred after laboratory actions in order not to harm human and environment safety.
  • An appropriate class of microbiology safety cabinet should be used for the experiments including the samples such as blood, serum, culture and for nucleic acid isolation operations which entertain contamination and contagion risks.
  • Physical contact with pathogens should be avoided. Laboratory coat and gloves should be worn, eating and drinking is not allowed in the laboratory field, the entrance of the people who is not assigned, should be prevented. Gloves contacted with biological samples should be discarded after every experiment.
  • It should be preferred to perform the PCR operation in a separate region with the nucleic acid isolation field. The samples should be protected in different place than the PCR reagent in order to prevent the contact.
  • The regions which are touched with and without gloves should be indicated and marked obviously in order to protect both human health and the experiments, the regions which are contacted with gloves, should not be touched by hand; the regions which are contacted by hand should not be touched with gloves. The gloves, laboratory coat, overshoes, etc. should be discarded to medical waste when leaving the laboratory. Cleaning materials used in the laboratory should not be taken out from the laboratory.
  • The region contacted with blood, serum, etc. should be cleaned with an antibacterial or antiviral disinfectant suitable for the pathogen worked with, and the materials which may be contaminated when applied should be discarded to medical waste.

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