Anatolia Geneworks opening bell ceremony in Borsa İstanbul

Completing the IPO, Anatolia Geneworks shares started trading on the Borsa Istanbul (“BIST”) with the ticker “ANGEN”, following the opening bell ceremony held in Borsa Istanbul today.

In the public offering of Anatolia Geneworks, which was carried out by a large consortium of 30 brokerage houses members under the leadership of Ak Yatırım, the offering was oversubscribed 9.75-times with demand from 113,032 investors for shares with a total nominal value of 20,000,000 TL. In the offering made through a combination of capital increase and shareholder sales, 20.9 per cent of Anatolia Geneworks shares were sold, including the additional sales rights used, and the size of the public offering was 516,982,500 TL. In the public offering, the resulting allocation of shares was 10 percent to foreign corporates, 30 percent to domestic corporates, 59 percent to domestic individual investors and 1 percent to company employees.

Anatolia Geneworks Chairman Alper Akyüz stated that the public offering is one of the crucial milestones in Anatolia’s successful history: “As one of the pioneers in the field of molecular diagnostics in Turkey, our biggest goal is to expand our product range, which is accepted worldwide, and to increase our market share and become one of the 10 largest diagnostic companies in the world in the next 20 years. Achieving this success is our most significant debt to both our country and our investors. I want to thank our esteemed colleagues and stakeholders for their contribution to our success and wish the public offering of Anatolia Tanı ve Biyoteknoloji A.Ş. to be beneficial to our country’s economy and investors.”

Vice Chairwoman and Director of the R&D Center Dr. Elif Akyüz expressed her sincere thanks: “Our company, which we have established and nurtured, always takes its name, brand and model names from Anatolia and various regions of Anatolia. And it will continue to announce the name of our country and our country’s hardworking and productive young people’s success to the whole world. With our belief in wisdom, science, and quality, we will continue to aim for the best by working with determination, with our motto that productive people are happy to contribute to the whole world’s health. Today, is a day we feel both happy and proud. I want to thank our team, everyone who is here, watching us, and everyone who supports us, and also to our people.”

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