UNIO M32 Extraction System


UNIO M32 Extraction System is a laboratory device designed to automatically extract DNA and RNA from biological samples using magnetic particles.

UNIO M32 Extraction System enables high purity, fast, efficient, and contamination-free nucleic acid extraction using ready-made protocols, magnetic rods, and pre-filled extraction plate systems.

The UNIO M32 consists of an LCD touch screen, and two separate platforms for extraction plates, each with a capacity of 16 samples. It can easily handle 1 to 32 samples after a short preparation time. In addition to the working system that completely prevents cross-contamination, safe working conditions are also created with UV lamp that can be activated before and after work.


Technical Details

Method Fully automated extraction with silica-coated magnetic bead
Capacity 1-32 samples
Sample Volume 100/200 µl
Elution Volume 100 µl
Heating Block   
UV Light  
Size and Weight D: 310 x W: 385 x H: 369 mm – 18 kg

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