Our HR Policy

Anatolia Geneworks' Human Resources policy has been shaped with the approach of "Valued people add value to work...". 


Anatolia Geneworks' approach to every element that contains human being is primarily based on respect. The company is keen on establishing respectful, sustainable and permanent relationships with its team, target audience and all stakeholders. Human is the focus of the high quality products that contribute to human health.


Respect for human and value of effort lie in the center of the HR perspective in Anatolia Geneworks. Recruitment, evaluation and training activities are carried out delicately within the framework of these basic concepts. In order to increase the quality of the product and the working environment, it is aimed to increase employees' competency and help them continuously improve themselves by providing new training and experience within the Anatolia Geneworks culture. 


Anatolia Geneworks human resources policy is to create a happy, healthy and safe working environment for employees and to ensure team continuity.


Anatolia Management does not discriminate and emphasizes equality of opportunity and justice in its human resources practices, with the belief that the quality products can be produced by happy people, and acknowledges the responsibility of a respected company that complies with the laws and ethical rules. 


Anatolia Management carries on its activities in accordance with the requirements of national and international legislation on occupational health and safety, and is committed to ensure continuous improvement, to determine risks by identifying hazards and to take necessary precautions by performing risk management, to continuously provide necessary trainings on OHS and risk management, and to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for its employees, subcontractors and visitors.