Launched! Bosphore Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit v1

Our new kit that detects monkeypox virus in a single mix is available for your orders!

Monkeypox is originally an endemic disease in West and Central Africa. However sudden and unexpected appearance of monkeypox in patients from multiple countries with no direct travel to African countries points out to undetected transmission for few weeks. Though WHO assesses the risk at a moderate level globally, the best way to tackle the transmission of the virus is to conduct effective and accurate testing with proven methods such as Real-Time PCR.

Bosphore Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit v1 detects monkeypox virus in human biological samples including lesion surface and/or exudate, lesion crusts and swabs, whole blood and serum in a single master mix. The kit uses FAM and HEX channels to detect the target regions and is compatible with various qPCR platforms.

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