For A Sustainable, Clean Future…

We believe that by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste, we can help to create a sustainable future. In addition to raising awareness individually through the instructive training we receive, we invite other people around us to join this movement. We at Anatolia Geneworks are concerned about protecting human health, so we separate the hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that accumulate during processing. In order to reuse and recycle as much waste as we can, we allocate paper, plastic, glass, and metal debris into boxes of various colors.

As Anatolia Geneworks, we took a step towards a cleaner and more habitable environment by participating in the Zero Waste Movement, which promotes sustainable production and consumption practices! Our Free Zone branch earned the “Zero Waste Certificate” from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change as a direct result of the work we accomplished.

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