Diagnosis Ensures Trust in Food

Food safety is a concept that describes the process of ensuring that food items manufactured, processed, transported, and consumed are safe and healthy in order to safeguard consumers’ health. Essentially, food safety refers to a condition in which food items may be consumed without causing harm to human health and customers are safe. Food safety tackles a variety of dangers that occur during the manufacture, processing, storage, transportation, and consumption of food items, with the goal of reducing these risks.

Identifying the physical, chemical, and microbiological dangers that endanger food items is the first step in ensuring food safety. Microorganisms, chemical pollutants, and physical items that can contaminate food products are examples of dangers. The possible consequences of identified threats to human health are assessed. Strategies and methods are developed to control and minimize hazards. As a result, the customer is protected by specific regulations. The producer is protected against risky situations that may occur. All of these processes are monitored in accordance with the authorities’ established standards. This process is important to ensure food safety and detect any possible contamination at an early stage.

Food safety is a notion that necessitates global cooperation among healthcare organisations, governments, food producers, and consumers. A good food safety system must be created with the participation of all of these stakeholders in order to protect consumer health.

Anatolia Geneworks uses cutting-edge technology to produce diagnostic kits that solve food safety problems and preserve consumer health, and it expands its product line with new products as a result of R&D research on a daily basis. These kits, which play a vital role in the field of food safety, give tremendous ease to food manufacturers and inspectors by giving quick and exact results. Food safety diagnostic kits distinguish themselves by their capacity to identify numerous infections, chemicals, and other food pollutants, hence assisting in the improvement of food safety.

Anatolia Geneworks contributes to the maintenance of food safety with the GMO screening kits it offers. The kits detect genetically modified plants, which are prohibited according to human food regulations, in processed and unprocessed food samples.

In addition, these kits help companies identify possible cross-contamination situations that may occur during harvest, transportation, processing or packaging steps and take precautions before the product is released to the market.

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