JCV – BKV Kits

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BK and JC viruses (BKV and JCV) are polyomaviruses belonging to Polyomaviridae family. Most of the primary polyomavirus infections occur during childhood. Serological studies suggest that more than 70% of adults possess antibodies against BK or JC virus. There are serological evidences suggesting the reactivation of the JCV and BKV viruses during the pregnancy period of 5-10% of the women. The diagnosis and monitoring of the BK and JCV infections are managed through histological and cytological tests with the help of high electron and fluorescence microscopy. Also the serological methods (haemagglutination inhibition test, ELISA,RIAs ) based on the detection of antibodies against polyoma viruses are used widespread. Early diagnosis of BK and JCV reactivation is paramount for prevention of the possible severe diseases that even positively impacts organ survival.


Superior Sensitivity

Compatibility with Various Systems

Internal Control for Each Reaction

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Technical Specifications

Thermal Protocol Single thermal protocol for all parameters
Sample Types Serum and plasma
Shelf Life 18 Months
Channels FAM, HEX/VIC, Cy5
Shipping / Storage 90, -20°C / -20°C

JCV – BKV Kits

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