UNIO B48 Extraction System


UNIO B48 Extraction System enables fast and efficient nucleic acid isolation with high purity. Using ready-made protocols, robotic pipettes and sterile, automation-filled cartridge systems, the instrument thus achieves contamination-free nucleic acid extraction.

UNIO B48 consists of two separate blocks, each with an independent 24-sample capacity, and can easily process samples ranging from 1 to 48 after a short preparation step. The samples can be human biological samples such as blood, serum, plasma or food and feed products that are tested in food control laboratories. In addition to the working system that completely prevents cross-contamination, safe working conditions are also created with UV lamps that can be activated before and after work.


Technical Details

Method Fully automated extraction with silica coated magnetic beads
Capacity 1-48 samples
Sample Volume 100/200/400/600 μl
Elution Volume 60/100/150/200 μl
Heating Block
UV Light
Size and Weight D: 660 x W: 920 x H: 920mm – 180kg

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