Unio Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Unio® Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit has been designed for automated extraction of genomic DNA from blood samples by using Unio® Extraction Systems (Anatolia Geneworks). The kit contains the required solutions for extraction as well as the plastic consumables for magnetic bead based extraction. Starting sample volume is 100-200-400 µl and DNA recovery (elution) volume is 60-100-150-200 µL. Yield of total genomic DNA from 400 µl fresh whole blood is 5-15 µg in 60-200 µl of elution buffer.


Operation Parameters

Operation Capacity

1-24 Samples

Operation Duration

65 minutes

Sample Volume

100-200-400 µL

Elution Volume

60-100-150-200 µL


5-15 µg

A260/280 Ratio