Bosphore Enterovirus Detection Kit v1

Bosphore® Enterovirus Detection Kit v1, is a Real-Time PCR-based in vitro diagnostic medical device, IVD CE marked according to 98/79/EC Directive. Bosphore® Enterovirus Detection Kit v1 detects Enterovirus RNA in human biological samples including serum and plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, tissue, swab, feces, encompassing all Enteroviruses (coxsackie A and B, echoviruses, polioviruses and enteroviruses 68 - 71). A region within the 5’UTR is amplified and fluorescence detection is accomplished using the FAM filter.


An internal control has been integrated into the kit in order to check PCR inhibition. The amplification data of the internal control is detected with the HEX filter depending on the Real-Time PCR system used. The internal control can be added either during RNA extraction or PCR step.