Dengue Virus Genotyping Kit v1

Bosphore® Dengue Virus Genotyping Kit v1 detects and discriminates Dengue Virus serotypes 1-2-3 and 4 RNA in human biological samples including serum, plasma, saliva and urine. Fluorescence detection is accomplished using FAM, HEX and Cy5 filters in two PCR tubes. 






Tube 1


Dengue Virus serotype 1

Dengue Virus serotype 4

Internal Control

Tube 2


Dengue Virus serotype 3

Dengue Virus serotype 2

Internal Control

An internal control has been integrated into the kit in order to check PCR inhibition. The amplification data of the internal control is detected with the CY5 filter in both PCR tubes with PCR Master Mix 1 and 2. The internal control is added during PCR step.