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Real-Time PCR Infectious Disease Kits

For Easy, Reliable and Sensitive Diagnosis;

Microorganisms; survive, grow and spread across the human population even though human immune system, effective medications or  vaccines stand out against to them. Today, it has been a state of must for researchers to understand microorganisms and their interactions with human metabolism in molecular levels. Farther, the discovery of new  unidentified organisms that already living with us has been resulted in a kind of Renaissance period. With the start of this period, there has already been and there will always be a need of laboratory tools that will simply, rapidly and effectively serve to the both clinicians and researchers in order to identify and characterize these small living organisms. PCR, as the most common and useful one of these tools, has been  already taken its proper place both in research and clinical laboratories.  With the discovery of real-time PCR technology, it has been possible to obtain contamination-free and reliable results with simple applications within a short time of clinical period.

Today in microbiology, the use of real time PCR systems in detection and quantification of nucleic acids from a diverse target samples such as  genetically modified foods (GMO), viral and non-viral vectors used in gene theraphy, microbial infections within humans and veterinary, oncology, immunology has been a major technology in molecular diagnostics.

As the real time PCR technology develops, the importance of the  ‘real time PCR Kits’ that are compatible with these PCR systems has dramatically increased. These kits including the all optimised components for Polymerase chain reaction, has shared important role in molecular diagnostics as they change the old and difficult assays into very simple,fast and automated technology.

Anatolia Geneworks, with its ‘rising microbiology panel members’, aims the highly senstive and effective detection and quantification of microbial infections within easy to use systems and design 2 different product groups for different end-users.

Bosphore® kits are designed and optimized considering the criterions such as high sensitivity, specificity and the ability to detect all known  genotypes in order  to give a total reliable systems and are available to the end-users/customers with the guarantee and assurance of CE-IVD marking.


Respiratory Pathogens


Hepatitis Kits

Herpes Kits

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HIV-1 Kits

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